Does the thought of reviewing your year make you want to close your eyes, pull the covers over your head, and do your best to forget all about it?

You look at the list of goals you set at the beginning of the year and start beating yourself up over the goals you didn’t reach this year? You look at all the “successful” people who report that they have done this or done that or made a gazillion dollars or gotten a bajillion clients, and tell yourself you weren’t “successful” because you didn’t do the same thing.

Stop. Stop right now. Stop castigating yourself. Stop with the “I’m so disappointed in myself”s. Stop comparing yourself to them.



Take a deep breath. Set the unhappy feelings aside for a bit…and keep reading.

So what if you can’t check off everything on your list? So what?

You survived. You’ve survived everything 2016 has thrown at you, and you’re still here. Acknowledge that. Acknowledge that, as difficult as the year may have been for you – and this year has been a doozy for so many people – you haven’t given up. You’re still looking forward, looking toward the future, looking for how to make changes so you’re happier with your future.

Congratulations! Huge, sincere congratulations!

Look at what you have accomplished. No, it may not follow the items on your beginning-of-year list, but look at the myriad of things you did accomplish. Look at what you’ve learned throughout the course of the year, through your experiences. Look at how much clearer you are on what has and what has not worked well for you. That’s invaluable information. Welcome it. Give thanks for it. Applaud yourself for having discovered it.

Take another deep breath.

Think about the coming year.

In light of your learnings received this year, how do you want next year to be different? What needs to change? Who do you need to stop comparing yourself to? (Hint: That would be everyone but yourself.)

We are all unique beings, with our own unique outlook, and our own unique way of doing things. Discover your own unique path, providing your own unique service, in your own unique way. You can’t be someone else, because you are you and you are not them. Revel in your uniqueness. Proceed from that perspective and not from the perspective of “if I check off all the boxes on Susie or George’s checklist, I’ll have exactly the same results as Susie or George.” Be yourself. Allow yourself to do your own thing, in your own way, in your own time.

If you need some assistance from a coach or counselor, or need some training in how to do something new to you, by all means get it, but more importantly, listen to yourself. Trust what your own intuition is telling you. If you’re quiet, and you listen, you’ll be able to hear it. Don’t just spend your time, money, and effort grasping for the next bright shiny object/training/course/event. Change can’t come from without. It needs to come from within.



And trust yourself.

The coming year is full of new possibilities and new vibrations. Take advantage of the opportunities to try something new. Remember that we live by the cycles of nature, where everything reaches readiness in its own perfect time.

Allow yourself to be led by your intuition.

Allow yourself to trust yourself to know and do what’s best for you, and choose to take your steps in that direction.

So what if you’re not like anyone else? Y’know what? You aren’t like anyone else.

You are unique.

Allow yourself to BE unique.