Procrastination is the process of trying to avoid a task by doing something else. For example, instead of setting up your website or creating a new product, you might decide to clean your house, or go grocery shopping, or take a walk around your neighbourhood. All of these are good activities, but when you use them so you can avoid building your business or cleaning out the gutters or doing your taxes, it’s a form of procrastination.

Procrastination, though, usually isn’t the real issue. Often, it’s a symptom of a deeper problem such as a mindset issue. You might be avoiding a task because you lack confidence. For example, you might procrastinate on writing sales copy for your new product because you’re worried that you’re not a good writer, or, you might procrastinate on meeting a new neighbour because you’re afraid you won’t make a good first impression.

You could also be procrastinating because you’re overwhelmed and not sure what to do next. Instead of installing WordPress and getting your first blog post up, you might waste time on social media or spend hours considering which fonts you should use on your website.

Sneakily, procrastination can also mask itself as helping others. You may spend your nights helping your kids with their homework, or working with committees at your church. While it’s certainly important to be there for others, you have to make room in your life for yourself. If you try to squish yourself or your business into “whenever”, you’ll find that “whenever” takes a very, very long time to arrive.

Often, it can be helpful to learn more about mindset issues or read a book on the topic, or schedule a session with a professional that you know and trust. When you understand more about procrastination and why you do it, you’ll be better equipped to tackle it. Then, you can break through the resistance you’re experiencing and start moving forward.