Just about anyone who is interested in the Law of Attraction knows what it is and how to use it. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, there are a few basic keys.

The first key is clearing the clutter out of your mind. For some, that means going into deep prayer, while for others, it is meditating for a few minutes each and every day. Discovering what works for you is a journey you will have to take for yourself; different people resonate with different ways.

The second key is the power of clear intention. You must firmly and clearly declare your intention. If you are wishy-washy and fuzzy, you will get wishy-washy and fuzzy results. Clearly declare and visualize the energetic vibration you wish to create in your reality.

The third key is confidence. You asked for it. You meditated and prayed on it. You may have even visualized it. Now all you have to do is have absolute confidence that it will certainly come to fruition.

So, what is meant by “manipulating energy”?



The vibration on which you set your intention is where the field of energy comes into play with the Law of Attraction. If your field of energy is unsure, or uncertain, or if you are questioning your intention, then you will get unsure, uncertain, questionable results. As the saying goes, “What you put out to the Universe, you get back threefold”. If you set clear intentions with a positive, certain attitude, your every wish and desire has the power to appear in your reality.



Manipulating energy doesn’t mean going around smiling and thinking happy thoughts all the time. It also doesn’t mean that you should always look through life with rose-coloured glasses. When you manifest through the Law of Attraction, there are a few things you need to incorporate in order to manipulate your energy.

A Positive Approach. When you manipulate your own energy, your are essentially in control of your manifesting and how quickly you do so. Whatever it is you are wishing for, you need to match that with a positive vibration. If a loving relationship is what you want, then it is in your best interests to be loving. When you are loving, you attract loving people into your energy field. Pick and choose your positive feelings, and incorporate them into your manifestation techniques.

Feel Your Way Through. When you manipulate your own energy, it’s very important to have an emotion, a feeling, associated with your energy field, in addition to your positive energy. Feel excited about the new breakthrough which is about to come forth. Feel excited about how good it’s going to feel when you get that raise, or promotion, or whatever else you were manifesting. Don’t wait on your hard work and efforts alone and then wonder why everyone else gets a promotion; feel excited in advance, and discover how rapidly you can speed tings up.

Confidence. Once you have associated a positive vibration to your manifestation and have chosen an emotional vibration to match it with, be confident. Be confident that the desired result will happen. Be positive and so sure of yourself and your ability to achieve your desired results with your manifestation techniques, that you will see change in next to no time.