Headshot photo of Janet Thomasson

I’m a mindset and manifestation specialist.

I help people learn how to use their intuition as a tool to find their own unique, most-aligned way to step up to and answer their calling,
so they can be more,
so they can reach wider,
and so they can uplift the world in their own special way.

I help them find clarity.
I help them realign with their integrity and their authenticity.
I help them feel whole again, with time for themselves, their family and friends, and their businesses.

I’ve had a desire to help people as far back as I remember. And I struggled, because through my experiences over the years and decades, I learned that it wasn’t safe to let other people know how deeply I could sense what was inside them when I looked – their blocks, their fears, the way they didn’t feel safe being themselves. I learned the dangers of being “different”, the consequences of not being one of the crowd. I learned the difficulty and exhaustion of trying to be what other people thought I should be. I learned the overwhelming relief of being willing to allow myself to be “different” and to Be Aware.

In that allowing, I found my strength. I found my integrity. I found my authenticity. I found clarity and confidence, and I took back control of my life. I began to trust myself and my intuition, and that has provided a bedrock of dependability and assurance that has changed my life for the better. Life is much calmer, less stressful, and less conflicted. Everything is in the flow. I’ve found an unshakable inner peace and certainty. And I can always discern the best next step to take, both personally and for my business.

These qualities are what I strive to free in my clients, so they can experience them in their own lives and businesses; so they can experience strength, and certainty, and peace; so they can feel safe enough and empowered enough to cast their message as far and wide as possible; so they can help make the world a better place — and earn good money doing so.


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