Name Vibration Code Report

Does your current name bring you success, wealth, and help you avoid or minimize challenges? Or does it attract challenges and more difficult circumstances to you? The vibration of your name is integral to what you experience, to what you attract. This holds true no matter if it is your personal name, a business or website name, the title of a program you have created, or the title of a book you have written.

This report will tell you whether your current name supports you or brings challenges your way. In the case of a name with a challenging vibrational frequency, Janet will provide at least two name suggestions that will be more supportive.

Click the button below to order your Name Vibration Code Report, personally prepared by Janet. After ordering, you will receive an email requesting information on your current name. The final report (with alternate name suggestions if needed) will be sent to you within three weeks after Janet receives your current name information.

  Name Vibration Code Report $197